Have You Found Baby Jesus?

We were enjoying our annual tree decorating service. The lights were brightly illuminating the room. The white and gold ornaments had been tenderly placed on the tree, each one reflecting the joy and light in the room for all to enjoy. The story told by each ornament had been shared by our seven children as the ornaments were hung to remind us of the reason for this season. Then it came time to put the nativity under the tree. The stable was set up. The camel. The sheep. The donkey. The cow. The chickens. The geese. Joseph. Mary. A manger. The hay. What a beautiful nativity. Everything was perfect. Everything was ready for the most important piece, baby Jesus. We reached in the bag to find Him. We searched and searched. He was not there.

For thousands of years the Jews searched for baby Jesus. He was not there. Until, one wintry night around two thousand years ago in the little town of Bethlehem, some shepherds and wise men followed the first Christmas star to a lowly manger. There they found Him. There they found the Christ child and worshipped the One who would save their souls. There they found the Messiah they had prayed would come. There they knelt and thanked God for sending His Son Who would forever change the world.

As we searched the house, we too found the baby Jesus. We gently placed Him in the carefully prepared manger and stepped back to see the beauty of our brightly lit tree. So many ornaments reminding us of so much to be thankful for – hearts, angels, snowflakes, bells, white bulbs, gold bulbs, grapes, leaves, roses, doves, feathers, poinsettias, pearls, trumpets, harps, mirrors, gold moss, gold candy canes, bells, nativity, white family tree (sequoia),pine cone, butterfly, and a nail. Each ornament representing their part of His Love Story. Each ornament sharing a chapter or verse of the life baby Jesus lived and offered for you and I.

We thanked God for letting us find baby Jesus. Without Him, Christmas would not be Christmas. I pause to imagine what our life would be if we could not find Jesus in our home? Who would we be? What would we do? Where would we go? Today? Tomorrow? For eternity? Thank you, Lord, for finding us and letting us find You.

Happy Birthday, Jesus, and thank You. Thank You for living Your Love Story. Thank You for preserving It for us to read. Thank You for loving me, and for loving us, enough to be born Emmanuel, God with us. Thank You for loving me, and for loving us, enough to live a sinless life, endure the cross, conquer death and rise in victory. Thank You for giving me, and giving us, life. Thank You for letting me, and letting us, find You in the lowly manger, in our hearts and in Your Heaven on high. Thank You for the Christ in Christmas. Thank You, for finding me, and thank you for finding us.

He is the reason for this season. Worship Him.

Merry Christmas!

Our love and blessings to you!
The Nickerson Family


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